Annie Lennard Primary School


Nursery Newsletter 1

September 2017


Hello and welcome to Nursery.  We have had a fantastic start to the year and have welcomed lots of new children into the setting.  The majority have already settled very well and we hope to have all children settled very soon and happy to join us every day.  If your child is struggling to separate from you or you are worried about your child during the morning, then please do give the office a ring and we will gladly let you know how they are. Usually all the children are happily learning within 5-10 minutes of coming in.

We have some exciting things planned for your child this term.  Initially we focus on the prime areas of learning: Communication and Language, Physical development and PSED.  Without these areas it becomes difficult to learn in the other areas.  However, we will also have activities to support the wider curriculum.


Our topic this half term is All about me!

During this topic we will be learning all about our senses and basic body parts.  We will try to link each weeks learning to an appropriate story to stimulate interest in the activities provided for the week. 

Each week we will be practising;

  • Communication and language development – it is very important that your child is able to talk about their experiences and feelings, follow instructions, ask simple questions and answer simple questions.  Throughout Nursery we encourage the confidence of all children to be able to talk and communicate with others.  This may be practised through small group activities, whole class activities or on a 1 to 1 basis depending on the needs of individual children.
  • Phonics – this half term we will be focussing on phase one of the letters and sounds scheme.  This phase concentrates on auditory phonics and sounds in the environment.  Children will be encouraged to make a variety of sounds as well as listen out for them in the games we play.
  • Maths – during the maths groups we will be inviting the children to join in with number and counting games and rhymes.  We will also play games to support sorting for colour and shape among other areas.
  • Language development – we will be encouraging the children to use language appropriate to the play they are taking part in but also to help develop their vocabulary. This vocabulary will be based on words about themselves, their senses, naming body parts, etc
  • Physical development and writing– there will be lots of practical activities outside and inside to promote climbing, building, mark making with a variety of tools and fine motor activities to support early writing.
  • Creative development – there will be lots of opportunities to paint, craft, make, sing and perform in nursery.  Often the children will be free to choose the media they want to explore, supported by the adults in the room.
  • Reading – your child will now have been given a reading book.  WE would like to invite you to share the book with your child at home.  At this stage we do not expect any child to read any of the words but we encourage them to talk about what they see in the pictures and how it relates to the plot of the story. 


Each week we will have a letter and a number of the week.  We will be finding out about that number and letter and if you would like to participate by sending anything in to nursery for display then we would very much welcome it.

This week our number will be 1 and the letter will be s.


Each Friday your child will bring home a language pack.  This will contain a game to play with them and will need to be returned by the following Thursday to be changed for a new pack.  If you find any pieces are missing from the game you receive then please let us know.


Shortly we will be sending out some dates for parent workshops focussing on phonics, reading, writing, maths and learning journeys.  Please look out for these dates.


Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please do come and see one of us.


Kind Regards

Mrs Whitehurst, Mrs Hill and Miss Tibbitts

The Nursery Team