Annie Lennard Primary School

Year 4 school closure work


Closure Project 1 - Year 4

 For the summer term, year 4 were due to begin a new history topic – The Ancient Shang Dynasty of China.

 Please complete a research project about this theme. You can be as creative as you like and produce booklets, models, posters, artefacts, electronic projects such as blogs (purplemash might be good for this), word documents or power points, art work, etc.

 Questions you might consider researching are:

· Where does the Shang Dynasty fit in a world timeline?

· Who were some of the Shang Dynasty Rulers and what they are famous for?

· What are oracle bones and how did they help historians?

· What were the burial rituals and beliefs of the Shang Dynasty?

· What were the important objects found within Shang Dynasty tombs?

· Who was Fu Hao and why was the discovery of her tomb significant?

· What was ordinary life like for people during the Shang Dynasty?

· Why did writing develop in the Shang Dynasty?

· Why did the Shang Dynasty end?

· When did the Shang Dynasty end?

 Here are some links to website which might support you with this work:

Once logged in, please search ‘Shang’ and there are lots of activities to complete and save online.

don’t forget to log in and save your work in your folder. I will be able to look at it if you save it.

Your log in and password will be inside your homework book.

Please log in and do a safe search for ‘Shang Dynasty’


Username: Annie.Lennard/0001

Password: jungle

You will find information in the ages 5-11 history section.

Please use the Parents Log in information.

Search for Shang Dynsaty and it will display the virtual museum of artefacts.

The Met Museum collection.

A programme about the Shang Dynasty.