Annie Lennard Primary School



Welcome to Annie Lennard Primary School

We are a 1 form entry school ranging from Nursery to Year 6.

We are delighted to welcome your child to Annie Lennard Primary School.

*In Nursery Class your teachers will be Mrs Bavin and Mrs Wildman

*Please check that your child’s name is correct in the pack, as your child will be exposed to many name labels around the classroom.

*Please go through the pack carefully because there are some forms in there that need to completed and returned via post in the stamped addressed envelope provided.

*There will be five morning Nursery sessions covering 15 hours. The session will begin at 8.45am and finish at 11.45am each day. Please ensure your child is collected promptly.

Starting Nursery

*Start dates will be given as soon as possible. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic we are unable to confirm these dates at the present time.

*Not all children will start on the same day. We will stagger the start dates in order for the children to settle sooner and receive the reassurance they need from the staff. We begin with the older children in the class and then continue through to the youngest.

*Starting Nursery is an exciting time for your child, but can also be overwhelming so sometimes tears may occur. Despite this we do recommend that you leave them as swiftly as possible, reassuring them

that you will be back. Most children settle very well, but please be assured that we will contact you if there are any problems.

Equally, if you are worried, then please feel free to call us.

At home time:

*Please wait outside by the Nursery door and we will call your child to you.

*It does take us a while to get to know you all and we dismiss the children one at a time into your care so please be patient if it takes a little time for your child to come out at the end of the morning, especially during those early days.

*We understand that your child may be collected by other people, e.g. Grandparents, child minders, etc, but it is very important that we know this in advance. Please inform either the teacher or the office if this is going to change at any time.

What clothing and equipment does my child need?

*We do have a uniform which is recommended. This consists of: - Grey trousers/shorts/skirt - White shirt/blouse/polo shirt - Red sweatshirt/cardian/jumper

A plain red cardigan, jumper, sweatshirt is fine and can be purchased from any supermarket. However if you would like items with the Annie Lennard Logo on these can be purchased from My Clothing,

*In Early Years we advise clothes that are comfy and easy to pull up and down especially for when using the toilet. This helps to support our focus of encouraging independence from the beginning.

*Velcro fastening shoes are ideal so that your child can manage these themselves. Please avoid shoes with laces.

*No jewellery is allowed. Children will be very active and will be climbing on equipment and we do not want them to get caught or hurt anyone else whilst they are playing and learning.

*It is important to bring a coat every day as a lot of activities take place outside no matter what the weather. On sunny days we recommend a sun hat and please apply sun cream before the school day.

*Although we do have a very limited supply of spare clothes, it is recommended that you send in a change of clothes for your child, as we often get wet or messy in our play and sometimes accidents happen.

Please put your child’s name in all their clothing and shoes so any lost clothing can be returned easily.

*Your child will need a drink in a re-useable bottle that they can open themselves every day which they will keep in the classroom.

Please no fizzy drinks.

*A back pack and/or a book bag. Your child will receive a reading book on their first day with us which will be changed weekly. The day they read may vary so it is important that this is brought into Nursery every day.

Our daily routine

*The day normally starts with a welcome time, saying hello to our friends and then a ‘wake up, shake up’ song to get our bodies ready for learning.

*Once all the children are in the Nursery and the register has been completed, there will be a number of very short adult led group sessions such as; phonic games, funky finger activities, maths games etc. as well as one main focus activity.

*When the children are not taking part in focus activity led by an adult, they will be engaging in child initiated learning, whereby they can play with resources of their choice. Many times, whilst this takes place, there is also a teacher joining in or observing.

*For approximately 45 minutes each day, there will be a ‘Pick and Mix’ session. This is where Nursery and Reception classes mix together and can choose where they would like to play across the whole Early Years setting – Nursery class, Reception class and outdoors area.

*Snack time is also incorporated into the morning, whereby the children are given a healthy snack choice and a carton of milk. We ask that you do not provide children with their own snacks, unless this is a medical requirement.

It is vital that any medical conditions including allergies are made clear to us.

*We will sometimes use food and cooking to support our learning so it is important that we cater for allergies that occur in the class.

If your child is unwell

*If your child is ill and cannot come to Nursery please ring school and let us know before the morning begins or as soon as possible.

*If your child has been ill with sickness or diarrhoea we recommend that you keep them off school until 48 hours from the last moment of sickness or diarrhoea.

*During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you continue to follow Government and NHS guidelines and isolate if anybody in your household has any symptoms.

Parental input

*Newsletters – at the start of each half term a newsletter will be sent electronically outlining the topic, curriculum overview and targets for

that half term. Please use this to guide conversations with your child about Nursery.

*Throughout the year we do many exciting things that we like to share with you. We will endeavour to invite you into the classroom as often as possible to watch the children in action and to work alongside your child. These sessions usually prove very successful and the children love inviting you in.

*We also endeavour to run parent workshops during the year, to give you information about the teaching and learning that takes place in Nursery.

Home Challenges

In addition to their reading books, the children will be bringing home some challenges regularly (once they are settled):

 Language pack - a game to support language development. Please return this pack weekly so they can be changed.

 Word checks – when your child is ready, they will bring home small sets of words to practise reading.

 Homework challenges; that will be led through Tapestry.


*This is a private online learning journal, where we record the children’s learning and assessments throughout their time in Early Years.

*In your pack you will find a parental permission form for Tapestry. *To learn more about Tapestry and how we use this, please look on our school website

What can you do NOW to prepare your child for starting Nursery?

*Encourage them to be independent by letting them have a go at self-care activities such as; washing their own hands, putting their own coat and shoes on, using the toilet etc.

*Explore using a variety of tools and materials such as; paint, playdough, pencils, scissors (child friendly) etc.

*Talk to your child about what they like and dislike …it’s great if they are happy to communicate these to us too.

*Discuss any questions or concerns your child has about Nursery (anything you cannot answer please contact us so we can reassure you both)

*Try to read/share a story a day with your child.

*Where possible encourage interactions with other children.

*Develop lots of back and forth conversations with your child. Practise asking and answering questions.


If you have any worries or questions throughout the year please do not hesitate to ask one of us. At the start of the day our priority is to get the children in safely, but we can always arrange to see you at an alternative time.

We have a Nursery email address if you would like to get in contact using this, it is:

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Annie Lennard Primary School. If you have any questions before they start then please do not hesitate to email us.

Many thanks,

Mrs Bavin and Mrs Wildman