Annie Lennard Primary School



Monday 27th April 2020

Dear Parent/ Carer

On behalf of Annie Lennard Primary School, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome both parents and children to our Reception Class, and to wish you all happiness and success in the years ahead.

Reception Intake September 2020 

As school is currently closed due to the COVID19 pandemic and we are unsure of when school will be fully open again. This means we are unable to plan any of our transition visits for the new children coming into our reception classes. We may have to postpone such events until September which could then impact on our school starting dates. We hope that you understand that this is completely out of our hands, and as soon as we have more information, we will pass that onto you.

At present we will not be able to visit the children in their current nursery or preschool setting. What we will do is ring your child’s current nursery or preschool and speak to their keyworker to find out about your child’s interests, attainment, and personality!

If your child has not attended any early year’s provision, we would ask you to email us with some details about your child once you have accepted the offer of a Reception place at Annie Lennard.

Information that would be useful would be - child’s name, date of birth, name of nursery/preschool they have attended, any special educational needs which have been identified, any medical issues which we would need to be aware of, and any known family members also starting in our reception in September 2020.

Currently, we would ask that you do not call the school office with queries but to direct those directly to us via email. Please email Mrs Rogman who is the schools Deputy Head and EYFS lead on  We will respond to you as quickly as we can, while working from home.

We will get back to all parents who have accepted places and give you more information about transition sessions as soon as we can. We will be using email as our means of communication wherever possible, so please make sure that the email address you use to send the message is one that is monitored regularly.

We understand that your child may not be attending Nursery currently and if lockdown continues well into the Summer term then they may be more anxious than ever about starting school. We understand that this is going to be tricky and assure you that we will be flexible where needed if children need a longer transition to school in September.

In the meantime for more information about the school please look on the school website 

School Readiness

It is important for the children while we are in this lockdown phase that you encourage your child to be as independent as possible. ‘When your child starts Reception there several skills that they should ideally have mastered whilst they have been in Nursery.


  • Can wash own hands and know when to do this

  • Can ask for help if they don’t feel well

  • Can go to the toilet independently, wipe properly and flush the toilet

    Getting dressed & undressed:

  • Can put on own coat

  • Can put on own shoes or boots, and on the right feet


  • Can use a knife and fork independently

  • Can open own packed lunch foods such as yoghurts, crisps and containers

  • Can eat independently without being prompted


  • Happy to separate from parents/carers in the morning

  • Happy to tidy up when asked to do so.

  • Can find own coat, bag and snack box from a selection

    Sharing & turn taking:

  • Can share toys and take turns independently

  • Can play cooperatively with other children

  • Understand the need for rules and being friendly to other children


  • Can find own name card, recognising the letters

  • Can spell own name – with magnetic letters or letter cards

  • Can listen to a story in a group

  • Can talk about stories they have heard


  • Can hold a pencil in the correct grip – tripod grip

  • Like to make marks and say what ‘writing’ means

  • Begin to show control when colouring in

  • Can draw simple pictures which are recognisable


  • Can say numbers in order 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…

  • Can recognise numbers 0-10 when written down or on a flashcard

  • Can touch count a set of objects accurately to find out how many there are up to 10

  • Can play simple board games – rolling a dice and counting along a track



  • Can talk about themselves, their interests and feelings

  • Can talk to friends to keep play going and engage in conversation

  • Can speak in full sentences to share thoughts, ideas and feelings


We look forward to coming of out this lockdown phase, so we can meet you all and welcome you properly to Annie Lennard Primary School

Kind regards, keep safe

Mrs N Crozier & Mrs J Rogman