Annie Lennard Primary School


23rd Apr 2017

Dear Parents,

My name is Sharon Hale and I became the new Chair of Governors in February 2017, following the decision of Mrs Jean Willetts to no longer be our much valued Chair. She has however decided to remain on the Governing Board which has pleased everyone as she has a wealth of knowledge and experience which we need and value.

I am sure that you will join me in thanking Jean for all her hard work as Chair of Governors and I look forward to her continued support and advice during my time as Chair.

I have been on the Governing Board of Annie Lennard since January 2016 and have spent the last 18 months getting to know the child and staff in the school. I hope that I will also become a familiar figure to you over the coming months and years.

My background is in education. I am very much a ‘local’ who realises the opportunity and value that a balanced and broad education can give to all the children in our school.

I understand from a recent Parent questionnaire that an issue for parents has been the fact that the Governing Board has not been very visible to parents.

I will do my utmost to make contact with you, the parents and carers of our children, and intend to update this Governor Page on a regular basis informing you of meetings, training and decisions that are so vital to your children’s school career.

The Governing Body seeks to ensure

  • That the school has clear direction and vision.

  • That it holds the leadership of the school to account.

  • That it seeks to look at the schools performance financially in terms of money well spent.

As this is my first update I thought that I would just give you a quick outline of the work that the Governors have been involved in since September 2016

Autumn Term

There was a Full Governing Board meeting during the first week in September.

I was involved in staff training about reading intervention.

Our new Head teacher was appointed. This was a long process for the Governing Board (Mrs Jean Willetts was Chair) taking 6 weeks in all. The post was advertised nationally, there was a short listing process and this was followed by an observation of feedback given to a teacher, a presentation and an interview. We were joined by two members of the Local authority for this process.

School Improvement Visit attended by Mrs Willetts.

The Chair (Mrs Willetts) and myself attended the Head teacher’s appraisal meeting. This takes place once each year and is reviewed to ensure that the Head teacher and the staff are on their way towards achieving those targets.

I attended Safer Recruitment training.

The new school library was officially opened by the children’s author Kevin Price. Mrs Willetts attended this.

I attended Providing Professional Challenge training.

Meetings of the Resources and Outcomes Committees took place.

I accompanied the children to a theatre visit at the Hippodrome.

A second Full Governors Meeting took place in November.

A Learning Walk took place around the school. 

I carried out a book trawl, looking at English and Maths books from Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6.

I accompanied the Year 1 trip to Edgmond Hall.

Spring Term

Full Governing Board meeting in January when a new LA Governor was brought on to the Board. Alison Pemberton is the deputy programme leader for PGCE Primary and Early Years and a senior lecturer in maths at Birmingham City University.

Jon Kirk took part in an attendance meeting with the Attendance officer, Head Teacher and Deputy Head.

A Learning Walk took place around the school with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head, myself, Alison Pemberton and Simon Penn. We went into every classroom, talked to the staff and the children, we looked at the learning environment and children’s work.

I have carried out a Book Trawl of Year 4 books.

I accompanied Year 4 children to the Genting Arena for the Young Voices event.

I attended HR and the Law course.

Governors attended Safeguarding training alongside the staff.

Deputy Head teacher appointment took place. Again this process took 6 weeks from advertising to the appointment being made. The interview process included lesson observations and feedback, presentations  and an interview. The appointment was approved on 9th February and it was at this meeting that Mrs Willetts stood down as Chair.

Meetings of the Outcomes and Resources Committees.

I accompanied Reception Class to St Marks Church.

Two governors, myself and Alison Pemberton, undertook data training so we understand how data is collected and analysed at the school.

Exclusions and Appeals training.

I accompanied Year 4 children to the Black Country Museum.

I accompanied Year 1 children to the Space Centre in Leicester.

I attended a Science Staff Meeting.

As you can see the Governors have been busy but I realise the need to make what we do much more visible to you all and I will endeavour to do that in the coming months. I look forward to meeting you and continuing on this exciting journey with everyone at Annie Lennard together.

Sharon Hale

Chair of Governors