Annie Lennard Primary School

Momo Awareness

26th Feb 2019

Tuesday 26th February 2019


Dear Parents and carers

 It has been brought to our attention today that children in school are discussing something called MOMO or the MOMO challenge.

After researching this, I have discovered that Momo is a creepy looking doll figure with bulging eyes and a creepy grin. It is targeting children on social media using apps such as WHATSAPP. The doll encourages them to add a contact on messaging service WhatsApp, and then hounds them with violent images and dares. It encourages them to self-harm and the ultimate post tells them to take their own lives.

Police authorities fear the danger lies with children feeling pressured to either follow the orders on any app by carrying out the challenges or because of peer pressure in chat rooms.

We would remind you to be vigilant, not simply focusing on Momo, and would urge you to:

  • Ensure you know what your children can access online

  • Ensure they understand the importance of not giving personal information to anyone they do not know

  • Tell them no-one has the right to make them do anything they do not want to do

  • Use parental controls to keep children safe