Annie Lennard Primary School

Newsletter 2 Covid update

10th Sep 2020

Pupils having tests

Since returning to school for the new academic year our priority is keeping all of us safe. Therefore, if your child is displaying any of the symptoms (cough, temperature and loss of smell/ taste) we are asking you to keep them at home and book a test. We have had a little resistance with this and it may be thought of as over the top but my priority is to keep us all safe and to do my up most to keep all bubbles open. So far, thank goodness, all tests have come back negative. If a test isn’t completed then you will be required to isolate and your children will not be able to come to school for 14 days.

How to get a test

  1. follow this link. If at first you get offered a test which is far away please keep trying as they are constantly releasing new appointments.

  2. You can also have a test sent through to your home if you cannot access a test centre.

  3. Ring 119.

  4. Alternatively, please ring direct to local test sites on 0301 3032713 – do not turn up without an appointment.

  • There is a local test centre on the car park at St Pauls Rd, Smethwick, B66 1E

What happens if we have a confirmed positive case in school?

If we have a positive result in school,

  • Contact with Public Health will be made who will then advise that we need to shut the bubble where the positive case is. This bubble would need to self-isolate for 14 days, this includes both pupils and staff.

  • A deep clean would then take place of all the areas the bubble has been.

  • No other bubble would close, this includes siblings of the closed bubble as they have not had direct contact with the child with Covid-19.

  • Parents of pupils in the closed bubble do not need to isolate either as they have not been in contact with the pupil with Covid-19.

  • Work would be set for the children who are self-isolating, this would be posted on the school website like we did in lockdown, paper copies available where necessary.

Visiting the Office

If you need to visit the office please make sure you are wearing a face mask and that there is only one person in the conservatory at a time. Please queue behind the orange barriers, 2m apart.


At present please do not send in anything (sweets/ cakes etc) if it is your child’s birthday as we are unable to give them out to the other children.

I hope this has answered any questions you may have had, please be reassured that keeping us all safe is of the highest priority.