Annie Lennard Primary School

Year 6 school closure work

Update From Miss Dixon (26th March 2020)

Annie Lennard Primary

Year 6 School Closure Home-Learning.

Firstly, to confirm, the SATs - due to take place in May - have been cancelled. We are unsure of further details at the moment but when we find out we will keep you updated. I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of year 6 who have worked extremely hard in preparation for their SATs. Their work ethic will, I know, be carried forward to future ambitions that they have. Also, during the past few weeks, a time that is uncertain for all, the children have dealt with this situation in a very mature way.

While the children are at home, I have created a list of home-learning activities.

  1. CGP SATs revision guides that they can continue to work through.

  2. Children have their own logins (which can be found at the front of their homework books) for:

Purple mash

Timestable Rockstars

Curriculum Visions

  1. Many activities have been added to the year 6 page on the Annie Lennard website as well as documents in the Easter revision section under the year 6 section.

  2. These are some links you may find useful:

  1. It is also important that children continue reading at home, they can create book reviews when they finish in the form of a leaflet (like we do in class) for the classroom display.

This is a non-exhaustive list; you and your child can choose what to do. I hope that as more free documents become available we will be able to update this list.


In summer term, we will be learning about the Ancient Mayan Civilization, therefore your homework project will be to begin to research about the Ancient Mayans. You can present your work is whichever way you feel best, whether this being written, poster, leaflet or PowerPoint presentation. This is your opportunity to get creative. Your research could include:

  • The geography of the Mayan Civilization - information about the location. Pictures/diagrams of maps, identifying cities etc… What is was like then? What is it like now? Key aspects of physical geography, including: temperature, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. Key aspects of human geography, including: types of settlement and land use(urban/rural), population, economic activity including trade links, and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water. This is a good opportunity for you to collect some statistics and create bar/pie charts. Make comparisons with this location to the UK.

  • Mayan lifestyle – food, clothes, work. Make comparisons between modern day life and other ancient civilisations; are there any similarities/ differences?

  • Mayan artefacts – a good opportunity for some labelled sketches

Hopefully we’ll be back to normal very soon.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Dixon and Mrs Hill