Annie Lennard Primary School

15th June 2020


Hello Nursery

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely week.  This week we are going to be doing some number work.  Please work on learning and recognising numbers 0-5 or 0-10 depending on your child's ability.  

Can they count things in your home? The fruit in the fruit bowl, the stairs, shoes, teddies, plates, cups and spoons.  Anything at all that can be counted.

Then move on to recognising a number - example 3 and counting out 3 things - see the photograph below.  This can be again using items in your home.


If the children are able to do the previous activities you can move on to the next activity below.


More or Less


This activity is about preparing your child to do calculations when they are in reception and also helping them to understand that when you add one or take one away the number changes. When explaining to your child the concept of one more or one less, it is important to use objects they can relate to. It is also important to start off with one concept first, until they are confident in doing both one more and one less at the same time. For example; line up five cars, dolls, dinosaurs, bows etc. Count the objects with your child, pose the question, if I add one more how many will I have? Add one more then count again together and allow your child to give the answer. Build the activity up, by you posing the question of one more and your child must find the answer independently. When your child can just say the number without needing to use the objects they are ready to move on to independent activities. Examples below.



Have fun and keep working hard


Lots of love

Mrs Brookes xxx