Annie Lennard Primary School

29th June 2020

Week Beginning 29th June 2020

Hello Nursery,

Soon it will be time for us all to start our Reception Class.  Some of you will be coming back to Annie Lennard and some of you will be going to new schools.  

This week I would like you to read with your families the story 'Starting School' By Janet and Alan Ahlberg


Starting School By Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg

Read Along With Me! "Starting School" By Janet and Allan Ahlberg is an enchanting peek into school life in the 1980's. I remember reading this as a child myself, and now my daughter adores it as much as I did.

When you start school you may feel excited, happy or even a little bit nervous.  There will be lots of new things for you to learn and new friends that you will make. 

This week I would like you to practise some things that will help you get ready for school.  I have attached a check list of all the things that we will be doing in Reception.  How many things can you already do? If you find some of the things tricky, I would like you to keep practising with your grown up. 

In Reception we will be getting changed for PE.  Can you take off your own jumper? Can you put your shoes on the correct feet? 

If you are going to stay for a hot dinner - Can you use a knife and fork?

Can you recognise your name? Can you write some letters of your name? Can you write your full name? I have attached a letter formation sheet for grown ups about how we form our letters at school so that you can practise this too.

Can you recognise any numbers? Can you count in order from 0-10? Can you count groups of your toys? I have also attached a dinosaur counting sheet to help you practise this skill too.

Keep on trying your best

I look forward to seeing you very soon

Love Mrs Brookes ߙ‚