Annie Lennard Primary School

Letter from your new teacher - Miss Kealey

Dear Reception, I hope that you have stayed safe at home with your parents whilst we have had to have some time out of school!

I am really looking forward to when we can all be back at school together. It is a little strange in school without all the children at the moment and I can not wait until Annie Lennard is full of children learning new things again.

I am writing this letter to introduce myself to you! Some of you know me as I have popped in and out of your class a lot since the start of the year.

So… hello everyone my name is Miss Kealey and I will be your teacher in Year 1 in September. Miss Willetts will also be working in our classroom with us! We are very lucky because she is going to become a teacher so will be teaching you just as much as me! Coming back to school in September will be a bit strange for all of us BUT I am going to make it as fun as I possibly can. I know that some of you will be quite worried about coming back to school and leaving your Mommy or Daddy. This is okay! Me and Miss Willetts will be here to look after you and keep you safe! We will have lots of time to talk about how we are feeling and what has changed at school and in the world since we had to finish in March. We are going to do lots of fun activities just like when you were in Reception and we will still have lots of time to play including on the BIG playground with the bikes. Over the holidays I would like you to keep practising some things ready for September: • Keep practising writing your name, if you can do both names AMAZING! • If you can keep practising writing all your letters. • If you can practise counting forwards and backwards in 1s, and 10s. • Our topic will be animals – if you like a specific animals, see if you can find out any information about them. • Most important thing of all HAVE SOME FUN!

Have a wonderful summer, enjoy yourselves in the garden or wherever you are!

See you all very soon. Love Miss Kealey & Miss Willetts Xxx

PS: In the first week back can you bring a picture of you and your family