Annie Lennard Primary School

Reception Project

Objective: to recall main events in a story.

Follow this link to listen to the author Eric Carle read his story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Can you remember the things that the caterpillar ate on each day? Your first project is to recreate these foods. You might do this creatively using Papier Mache, clay, playdough etc. Or you might choose to draw/record them.

Think about whether the foods are healthy or unhealthy. Can you think of another healthy food he could eat, and another unhealthy food he could eat.

Objective: to know the features of a chosen minibeast and to explore 3D materials.

Design and make your own 3D minibeast model e.g. ladybird, frog, caterpillar etc.
Take a photo of your model, draw a picture and label it.

Objective: to know about life cycles

Share your understanding of growth through life cycle e.g. of a chicken, caterpillar, frog, human etc.

Objective: to write facts about a life cycle

Fold paper to create a book. On each page draw a picture of each stage of the life you have learnt. Write a simple sentence using your robot talking – write the sounds that you hear – telling me about what is happening.

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