Annie Lennard Primary School

Year 5 school closure work

Hello Year 5,

How are you all? I am really missing teaching you all. I hope that you are safe and well at home.

What have you been up to? The weather has been really nice, so I have been spending a lot of time in my garden. My daughter Lyra, who is 1, loves playing in the garden with her toys and on her slide. She has been in her paddling pool too as the weather has been nice and warm.

Every day I go on a little walk to the duck pond to show my daughter the ducks. Recently, some ducklings have hatched and we have been going every morning to feed them. They are really cute.

I can’t wait to be back at school teaching you all. Remember that if you want to talk to me you can email the school email address which is You could drop me an email to tell me what you’ve been doing, or if you want me to send you some extra work or anything at all!

Hopefully I will see you all soon. Remember to stay safe and stay at home,


Mrs Groves x

Mrs Groves has set lots of work via Purple Mash too. Please log on to find out what she would like you to do.