Annie Lennard Primary School

Online Safety

Here at Annie Lennard, we are committed to ensuring that all of our children, staff and visitors stay safe on the internet and in an ever expanding and evolving digital world. We understand that the internet is a wonderful place full of information and many people spend a great deal of time using it both at school and at home. This is why we feel so strongly about appropriate use of the internet to ensure that our pupils are kept as safe as they can be and turn out to be online safety experts.

In school, children use a ‘safe search’, when browsing the internet. It is recommended that they use something similar, whilst at home. However, if this is not possible, we recommend strict filtering is set up and used when using any search engine – alongside parental controls. We also use the phrase PARENT OVER SHOULDER or POS and encourage parents or carers to keep a close eye on all digital activity including the use of apps and gaming.

Pupils use the internet regularly in school as part of their learning to enhance their experiences. Alongside our new Computing curriculum which includes an online safety discussion at the start of each lesson, online safety is taught within all others areas of the curriculum as well as separate activities and dedicated days to remind children of the importance of staying safe online.

Right from the start of school, children are taught what to do if they think they have witnessed something inappropriate online. This ensures that children can use technology safely at school, enabling them to become digital experts – preparing them for later in life.

If at any point you have any online safety concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact  Mrs. Crozier, Mrs Rogman or Mrs Haden

If you have any further questions or worries here are a list of useful websites to find out more information.



If there are any particular apps or games that you are concerned about. Please click the documents below for handy guides from National Online Safety for more information about the games and apps your child may be playing/using or are being exposed to;



Please find linked below in the documents section our Online Safety newsletter which where we aim to inform you about games and apps as well as celebrate what we are doing in school in terms of online safety. If you would like to give any comments about the newsletter, please email Mr Smith on