Annie Lennard Primary School

COVID update in light of National Lockdown

4th Nov 2020

Wednesday 4th November 2020

Covid Update

Dear Parents

In light of the 2nd lockdown starting tomorrow we have been reviewing processes in and around school to ensure we continue to keep each other safe. Please be assured that we are following all guidance given to us thoroughly including how we use staff across school.

From tomorrow can I ask all parents that enter the school premises to adhere to the following;

  • Wear a face mask

  • Keep 2m from each other

  • Only 1 adult to bring children to school

  • Follow the one-way system around school

  • Please ensure you have your mask on when in the conservatory area

  • You must follow all government guidance on new lockdown measures

Can we also remind you that if anybody in your house is showing symptoms or waiting for test results then the whole household MUST isolate, you must not send your children to school in this instance. If you knowingly send your children into school knowing a member of the household are displaying symptoms you are putting the whole school community in danger, we need to protect each other. You will also be breaking the law and could possibly be fined.

In the event of you receiving a positive result you must contact school as soon as possible (even on a weekend and evening) so we can start school processes this is especially important if we need to close down a bubble.

In the event of a positive result and its outside of school hours please email either

if in school time please ring the school number

Clinically extremely vulnerable – Those who had shielding letters

During last lockdown we did have members of staff and pupils that had to shield and received shielding letters. We have just had (3pm) guidance through that all those considered as clinically extremely vulnerable will have to shield once again for the lockdown period (4 weeks)

Home Learning

At the start of every week the work that is being done in class is uploaded onto the school website under the class pages tab. This work is for those pupils who are self-isolating either due to them having symptoms or someone in their house having symptoms. Children who are attending school do not need to do this work.

If a bubble closes then learning will include videos of recorded lessons and communication with the class teacher.

Throughout the last term behind the scenes we were having Microsoft Teams setup for all of our pupils, I am delighted to inform you that this part of the process has now been completed. We are in the process of sending out usernames and passwords in order to gain access to this platform. The next step involves training for staff so they can use the platform effectively to enhance our pupils learning, once we have received this training we will use it with closed bubbles. We will also show pupils through computing lessons how teams is used.

This platform will enable us to have face to face communication with our pupils whilst they are at home due to self-isolation due to a bubble closure.

Devices Audit

Thank you so much for completing this audit, we had an incredible 92 responses, this is the most we have ever had for a survey. It has been incredibly useful in gauging what access you have at home and will help to develop our home learning/ blended learning offer.

Staffing Update

We have a couple of members of staff who have been contacted by the track and trace app and are now in self-isolation.

  • Miss Willetts – she will return on Wednesday 11th November

  • Mr Nelson – has been contacted today and will be back in school on Monday 16th November. Mrs Stevens will be covering in year 2 for this period of time, Mr Nelson will continue to plan all learning and we may even try teach virtually through Teams for some of these lessons.

  • Miss Dixon – as she is considered clinically extremely vulnerable and was previously shielding, she will be now have to work from home. She will be delivering her lessons from home to year 6 via Teams each day. Mrs Hill will still be in class each day.

A little bit of good news

  • On Sunday 25th October Mrs Day gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Both Mom and baby are doing very well. Congratulations Mrs Day

  • As you will recall I informed you in September that I would be taking some time off for adoption leave, well I am delighted to say that all has now been confirmed and my daughter will be coming home on Monday 16th November after a week-long introduction process. So, this is my official last full week at work. I will be in and out of school next week and from the 16th I will be off until Monday 4th January 2020. In my absence Mrs Rogman will be stepping up as acting Head.

Please take care of yourselves and each other in these uncertain times. Thank you once gain for all your support

Best Wishes

Mrs N Crozier